Sun lenses

brevno sunglasses are equipped with polarised lenses with UV400 protection. They're responsibly produced on factory, which works with major optician brands. Lenses are made of TAC (acetate cellulose), biodegradeable plant-based plastic. Similar lenses are used in sport and outdoor eyewear, where light weight and proper protection are the must . 

RX lenses

You can order a pair of glasses with your RX lenses installed. We trust RX works to our partners - opticians with modern machinery and years of experience in optometry. 

To make an RX order please mention this in comment and we'll contact you to know details. Or just send us a photo of your RX slip to brevnoshop@gmail.com or any convenient messenger. Please note that lenses cost and lens fitting work are paid separately in addition to glasses cost. 

RX lenses cost is not refundable unless it's a warranty case. 

Screen protection lenses

 CRYOL Blue Max lenses with addition of material which filters harmful blue rays emitted by screens. Blue max lenses making image more vivid and contrast. Most important - such lenses are reducing the symptoms of eyesight strain and getting you extra comfort in everyday screen interaction. 

Clear lenses

All image glasses are equipped with multicoating HMC lenses, which protects the eyes from UV, flare blocking and improving eyesight comfort on everyday basis.